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"....Reilly's ideas will resonate with fans of Red-era Crimson, Opeth and Devin Townsend as a cyclic terrorscape of dischord, Roy Budd-like crime themes and classical piano passages permeate throughout..."


Prog Magazine, Issue 62 - December '15

"One moment orchestral, the next it's heavy prog in a King Crimson, even Opeth vein, minus the vocals. It's got the tension of some of Porcupine Tree's darker moments, before going a bit Bach, then Vangelis before twisting through to a moody Tony Banks soundtrack piece. And that's just the first five minutes!" 


DPRP.NET Volume 56 - August '15

"...Easily inspired by some of the best of the early prog rock era advernurousness and utter lack of interest in commercial acceptance."



"...Like a symphony, or a soundtrack The Effa Lente Configuration exists in it’s own world with it’s own rules, and does so remarkably successfully, each movement is distinctive enough to be different, but has enough thematic motifs to draw everything together as a whole..."






"....It’s hard to adequately credit what David has done with ‘Effa Lente’, it is so, so impressive. It’s also deeply rewarding, and even quite an emotional spin when its main coda kicks in at the half way mark.


I can’t quite believe it’s an Irish release, but suffice it to say Effa Lente will be gathering a real fanbase off the back of this who will doubtless be watching hawk eyed for new material as and when it comes...."


"......This is a huge undertaking and combining all these elements into a cohesive and consice piece of music makes it at times a bit of a challenging listen but it’s definitely worth it as this is music done on a grand scale and the scope of the track is extremely impressive, akin to a not quite as out-there version of Italian prog-horror masters Goblin scoring a Dario Argento horror classic...."

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